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The biggest hurtle to actually starting a blog was coming up with a title. Then I realized that my mom had already done it for me. Let me start by saying that I am very proud of my mom. She has had a history of passively resisting technology. First, she refused to page me when I had my ghetto “beeper” in high school. She was miffed when I got my first cell phone in college (a sleek two pounder with a battery as big as a pop tart). And when email hit the scene, I didn’t get one from her until this millenium. But email reeled her in and now she texts (or at least reads them), surfs the net (or at least asks me to) and facebooks (just barely, and only so she can see updated pictures of her grandson). But she didn’t take to technology quickly. For instance, the entire content of her first email to me was written in the subject line of the email. Soon enough though, perhaps too soon, she was forwarding chain emails like a rockstar. One of the first of many read:

Dear Judy,

And below that was the forwarded message about something or other. Not important. Snopes said so. But what was important was ‘FYE’. FYE? For Your Entertainment? Fiscal Year End? First Year Experience? For Your EEEEformation? Yes. All of the above. And it stuck.

To be completely honest, this blog title wasn’t my first choice. I really wanted “idabble,” but Dean from Florida beat me to it. By five years and a whopping three blogs. I’m a dabbler – more so than this Dean guy who loves Disneyland and Dave Matthews Band. I dabble. Kind of a jack of all trades, a master of none. It’s a blessing and a curse. I enjoy a number of things but the problem is I don’t seem to have the time, patience, or attention span to be amazing at any one thing.  I dabble in traveling, cooking, crafting, event planning, photography, ultimate frisbee…and that doesn’t include by day job.

So now I’m dabbling in blogging. I’ve actually been thinking about blogging for a long time but kept talking myself out of it because:
a) Coming up with a blog title was too stressful.
b) I tend to typo when I write.
c) Uploading pictures is a pain in my a$$.
d) I’m a busy gal and don’t have time.

But recently, inspired by TNT and Bizarly and elbow-nudged by Uncle JB, I just decided to pull the trigger. So to address my reservations:
a) Check. Thanks mom. Dean, call me if blogging is dead to you.
b) Yes, there will be typos. I’m flawed. So are you. Don’t judge.
c) This will give me more motivation to figure out the photo workflow. And, yes, my a$$ has dollar signs on it, doesn’t yours?
d) Disclaimer: I’ll blog about as frequently as I do the dishes – infrequently and only when I’m in the mood.

So here’s my blog. You’ll find ramblings about food, dudes (my hubby, my chubby, and my Wasabi) and life in general.

I tell my students that they should set goals whenever they embark on new projects. So here’s mine: to blog more than Dean from Florida. I’m a third of the way there.

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