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Valentine’s Fail…or was it?

February 14, 2014

At 9 pm tonight, as I sat watching the awesome parade of sequins on the men’s figure skating short program, I realized we forgot to buy valentine’s cards for Kien and Quinn’s classes. After an adequate roll of my eyes, a dramatic sigh, and a silent curse to Hallmark, I mentally went through our options:

1) don’t bother – do 2 and 4 year olds really care if they don’t get a card from our kids?
2) get out of my pajamas and run to the nearest Walgreens
3) try to leave early tomorrow morning and pick up some cards on the way to school
4) make the damn cards ourselves

Option #1 was out because mother’s guilt trumps laziness 72% of the time. #2 was nixed because Olympics + pajamas + nighttime is a deadly combination for mobilizing anywhere beyond the comforts of home. #3 is impossible because I experience emotional scars every morning trying to get out of the house with the kids. No way am I adding another obstacle. So #4 it is. For a split second, I had visions of water color, doilies, craft glue, and even some glitter (channeling my inner Jenna Martin), but I’m also a realist, so here’s what DT and I ended up doing:


There were many card greetings we had good judgement not to include. However, after further thought, I think we might be on to something here. For kids under age four, who are these cards for anyway? I mean, they will likely go straight into the trash. The parents might read them. If that’s really the case, why not have a little fun? How about these valentine card greetings for your toddler’s classmates:-

–  Drop it like it’s hot
–  Your tantrums are awesome
–  Snotty kisses are the best
–  You make me pee my pants…wait, I’m just potty training
–  I love you more than Cheerios
–  You came in like a wrecking ball
–  Nobody puts baby in the corner
–  Your lack of fine motor skills is mighty fine
–  Want my boogers?
–  No.
–  You make me cry for no reason
–  Bites and lice and everything nice
–  Meh.
–  You cray cray
–  I like the way you twerk it with a full diaper
–  #whatevs
–  I don’t eat vegetables either
–  Be mine. Mine! Mine! Mine! 

What else you got?


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One Comment
  1. Veronica permalink

    Love you guys. I think you need an Etsy store ’cause Hallmark just cannot handle your creativity.

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