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End of an Era

August 28, 2013

Public service announcement: Kien is over dragons. Dragons are for two and three year olds. He’s all about giant squids now. I know, this is bigger news than Miley’s hot mess of a twerk performance on the VMAs.

When we were in Colorado in July, we put on the Disney Channel for him to watch while Quinn we napped. It was a 10 minute episode of Octonauts, a show he had never seen before because he always chose to watch dragons when he got screen time. The show was about a giant squid and that’s all it took.



Since then, it’s been the same two episodes of Octonauts and trips to the book store and the library to look for books with pictures of squids. We bought an ocean picture book in the bargain aisle and he’s been drawing all sorts of squids. He cups his hands and sticks them to my face, my arm, my shoulder, my butt…they’re squid tentacles and once they’re on you, they’re “stuck.”

I asked him the other day, “Kien, do you like dragons anymore?”

Kien: Yes I do.
Me: Well, you don’t ever talk about them anymore.
Kien: Well, I THINK about them. And I only like dragons one at a time.
Me: What does that mean?

Right. Just because his interests have evolved does not mean that his patience has.

So Don and I are in uncharted territory. We’re not sure how this new obsession will play out, how intricate and complicated it might get (like the dragons), and how long it will last.

Luckily, there are many more ideas for Halloween costumes for squids than dragons. Just to be clear, we’re not already planning for Halloween. That would presume we’ve got our sh*t together to think more than one week out in advance and that would be crazy talk. It’s a good thing we set the bar so low with this costume a few years back:




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