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March 26, 2012

Every now and then something happens and I think, “Great subject matter for a blog post!”  And then it’s time to breastfeed.  Or clean up the legos for a millionth time.  Or finish up some work emails at home.  Or open up a bottle of wine.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s the haps in the last month:

–  Work has been certifiably nuts and I think we’re finally crawling back into the light.  My colleague had his fourth (FOURTH) child and took some time off to tend to his family.  Meanwhile, I was having issues with our promising next generation of student leaders.  At one point, I seriously considered having another baby just so I could get some time off too.  Then I slapped myself and kicked myself in the crotch just to give myself a friendly reminder to not lose my mind.  Just as I was getting more and more deflated with some of the students, I realized I was falling victim to the adage, “The older I get, the better I was.”  These kids simply need time, experience, maturity, and people to teach them the lessons of gratitude and initiative.  After an attitude check, I’m back.

–  Quinn is five months old already and she keeps getting better.  I’m only nursing once a night and she doesn’t put up a fight going down.  She’s found her voice and her feet and is a curious, quiet observer of the world.  Best of all, she’s all smiles.  It turns out that the baby books know what they’re talking about after all.

–  Kien has been both hilarious and exhausting.  Did you know that a toddler is capable of having a multi-hour meltdown several times a day?  We didn’t either.  But that same toddler can leave us in stitches with his imagination and conversation a few second later.  And by the way, we found the turd.  It was tucked away, under the couch right at the edge of the rug.  Mystery solved and we can all stop sniffing the ground while we hang out in the living room.

–  The house construction is still on track.  We’ve been staring at drawings on paper for the last year so it’s exciting and surreal to see it actually being built.  I’m happy to report that we love it and we will love living there.  In other news, our neighbor just got another dog, putting her pet count at five dogs and an undetermined number of cats.

–  I’ve recently grown addicted to two unrelated things:  kale smoothies and Instagram.  I feel pretty full and satisfied after my daily kale smoothie, and it tricks me into thinking I’m doing something good for my body.  The road back to pre-maternity clothes has been a long one, and I’m still fighting the good fight.  I’m down 28ish pounds and still have 7 to go.  I was pretty frustrated at first because I bounced back much more quickly after Kien.  I remember when I was pregnant with Quinn, I turned to Don one night and said, “This ain’t gonna be pretty.”  For four weeks, I stayed at the same weight and realized that I would actually have to make some changes to my diet and commit to exercise.  I now know what a calorie is and I’m not happy with the fact that I know how many calories are in a slice of pizza.  Ignorance really is bliss.  So, I think I’ve worked pretty hard to bounce back, but I think this last leg might be the toughest.

–  So Instagram.  I finally caved and got me one of those fancy phones because I was excited about having a quality camera with me at all times. And then I toyed with instagram and now I’m hooked.  I love that it makes crappy photos look awesome.  But I also love that I can capture little snippets of our life and document them forever.  I also love that I can stalk other people who also instagram.  Sometimes I feel a little creepy about it.  Like the time the illustrious Bonnie Berry and her family had a layover in Houston on their way from from their vacation in New Orleans.  I had to bite my tongue several times when I thought about asking them about the things they did as I saw it through Instagram.  It’s like that part in the murder mystery movie when the bad guy lets a little detail slip and the innocent victim pauses, slowly reaches for the knife, and quietly says, “But I never mentioned I had beignets at Cafe du Monde.”  Anyway.  You can follow me @judysweetfeet and let me know if you instagram too.

Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. kale smoothies? not sure that i habla.

  2. those photos are awesome.

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