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Update on the rogue turd

February 12, 2012

We haven’t found it yet.

Turd FAQs:

– it is not in the Yippie Jar. Kien has since filled the jar. Yippie dance followed, turd was not part of the celebration.
– it is highly unlikely that either dog ate it. They weren’t in the area at the time of disappearance. What’s more, they both have a strong aversion to poop, based on their freak outs to poopy diapers and the occasional dangling poop (dog owners out there know what I’m talking about).
– it is possible that Kien ate it but more likely that he would fling it across the room, slam the People’s Elbow to it and pound his chest in triumph.
– it is most possible that the turd ended up in someone’s hair while we were sniffing the floor on all fours like a pack of wild dingoes.

Still on the lookout. But thanks to everyone who shared their own lost (and found) turd stories.



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