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La Q: Age 8 weeks

December 22, 2011

Q has been a dream.  It might be too soon to say, but I believe the Universe has a way of maintaining balance.  After getting through the first two years with Genghis, I was going to name our second baby ‘Karma’.  Because karma owes me!  (Don wanted to name the baby ‘Chance’ because her mama took one.  It’s one of the few jokes he’s really good at telling.)   Q lets us know when she needs something and once we figure it out, she’s all good.  When we don’t, she eventually gets over it with little fanfare.  She’s sleeping great.  She’s nursing well after a few weeks of practice.  And she’s generous with positive reinforcement, giving us lots of full-face smiles, coos, and nuzzles.  It’s making maternity leave much more manageable and – gasp! – I might even be enjoying it.  I’m hoping that Q isn’t going to show me who’s boss because I wrote this post.

Here are the many faces of Q:






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One Comment
  1. Samye permalink

    So glad you are enjoying your maternity leave, we still need to hang out before you have to go back to work (boo)!

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