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Potty like a rockstar

November 17, 2011

Since we have nothing better to do, we thought we’d tackle a little potty training.  Needless to say, it hasn’t gone too well but we are celebrating our small successes.  Here’s one:

Genghis hasn’t made a deposit yet.  We’ve been bribing incentivizing him with ice cream.  Any tips or tricks you can share will be much appreciated!

I’m starting to make a concerted effort to avoid the phenomenon where parents don’t pay as much attention to the second child as the first.  Case in point:  The Good Doctor is the youngest of five and the only portrait he has of himself between the ages of 0-5 is the photo taken at the hospital.  When he was five, he started getting school photos.  Poor guy.  At this age, Kien already had waaaay more photos than La Q.    We’ll try to right that ship.  Here’s one of La Q taking her first bath.



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  1. Congrats!
    Charts. And more visible stuff, like skittles and cookies. We were trying cupcakes, but she couldn’t see them. Good luck

  2. Jenn permalink

    He’s doing great. If he is even sitting on the potty already, he’s advanced. The only tip I have is to act like a complete, excited idiot when some positive progress has been made. I can be an outstanding cheerleader when it comes to potty stuff.

  3. Jenn permalink

    Oh, and La Q is absolutely beautiful. I’ll try to stop the phenomenon of only commenting on the first child.

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