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Sushi: Fresh out of the womb

November 8, 2011

At one point during my pregnancy with La Q, I turned to the Good Doctor and said, “When I’m no longer pregnant, I’m going to put down some sushi.  And I mean I will to’h up some fish like it’s my job.”  So, no surprise, I dressed La Q (all 11 days of her) as some supermarket maguro for Halloween.  Here was my inspiration:

And here is La Q:

I’ve gotten some positive comments on it, so I thought I’d share the super easy instructions on how to dress up your own newborn for your next sushi party.  This was really cheap and took me exactly one episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to complete.  Here are the instructions, newborn not included:

1 white onesie (Target, $5.99)
1 white newborn cotton hat  (came with onesie)
*1 each of 8×10 piece of felt in: orange, white, dark green
*If you can find pieces of felt with the sticky backing, that’s even better.  I got mine at JoAnne’s for $0.99
Pieces of felt (scraps are okay) in grass green and pink  (25 cents at JoAnne’s)
Glue appropriate for fabric ($2.99 at JoAnne’s)
Serving platter  (found in deep dark corners of our house)
Jaundiced Newborn (mine is available for rent, name your price)

1)  For the salmon, eyeball how big you want it so it fits on the front of the onesie and cut out a square with wavy edges with the orange felt.
2)   With the white felt, cut out thin, wavy “V’s” for the fatty strips of the salmon.  I made my V’s off-center so it would be more organic.  Since I used felt with the sticky backing, I simply stuck the V’s right onto the orange felt and reinforced them with a few drops of the glue.
3)  Glue/stick the orange felt right on to the front of the onesie.
4)  Cut out a thick band of the dark green sticky-back felt (this is for the seaweed.  It’s optional) and put aside.  You won’t stick this on your sushi until you put the onesie on your baby.
5)  Now for the hat to simulate the fake grass that always comes in the grocery store sushi (what is the deal with that?!) and the ginger and wasabi.  Cut out the grass equal to the length of the diameter of the hat.  Glue on the front.
6)  Cut up scraps of the pink felt and assemble a messy mound of “ginger.”  I actually had to sew it together since the glue didn’t hold well.  I just put a needle with thread through the mound a few times until it held.  Doesn’t have to be neat.  Glue the ginger to the grass.
7)  Create a ball with the light green felt scraps, or you can use a green fuzzy ball, to create the wasabi.  Glue on to the grass next to the ginger.
8)  Dress up the innocent little child who doesn’t have a say in how ridiculous she looks and can’t put up a fight.   Place her on a serving platter and then take ridiculous pictures with her.  Save said pictures so you can embarrass her on the world wide web to “build some character.”

Of course, I couldn’t leave out a picture of Genghis.  He’s really into Superman these days, but he’s never seen Superman before.  The only thing he knows is that Superman has a cape and can fly.  So, we made him a super simple cape and scrounged around the house for the rest of his outfit.  And there you have it – Bootleg SuperManChicken:


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