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Feeling the Love

October 5, 2011

I’m in the top of the ninth with this pregnancy.  In some ways, it has felt like a lifetime.  In other ways, it’s gone by in a blink.  In every way, it’s been crazy and hectic – so much so that I got all the way to week 37 before stopping to celebrate this pregnancy.  Actually, I didn’t stop on my own accord, I had the help of amazing people in my life to make me do it.

First, my girlfriends, Kool Kid, Donkey, Prom Queen, and Yardsale, planned an intimate and perfect baby shower weekend in Austin.  Kool Kid came from San Fran by way of big-rig truck complete with chain-smoking, slim jim eating trucker and his wife.  Long story, but that’s all you really need to know.  We did all the girlie things I love to do but only on occasion and only with girls who aren’t too girly.  We had brunch at a the W hotel.  We went boutiquing where Yardsale and I put on Oompa Loompa outfits and the five of us spent way too much time in the dressing rooms.  We stopped for iced coffee.  We hung out by the pool, where we found an inordinate number of douchebags getting wasted.  Then the girls did a knock-out rendition of “Sandra Dee” from Grease, but substituting the words with my name and my condition.  They even wore long black wigs to imitate me and kept the wigs on when we went out to dinner.  And the dinner!  Barley Swine was divine.  Every dish was creative, risky, and perfectly balanced without being pretentious or fussy.  Definitely one of the top meals I’ve had of all time.  It helped that we got our waiter and the general manager to wear the wigs by the end of the night.  More chit chat and giggles back at the hotel before falling into a deep sleep.  And to cap it all off…wait for it…we slept in.  I know that it often requires moving mountains to clear an entire weekend schedule for these women, so the uninterrupted, carefree, and kid-free time I got to spend with them was precious.

The following week, off my high from the girls and lamenting on how the Good Doctor and I haven’t spent much time together, I was excited about a long and leisure Friday lunch with him.  We did a little baby gear shopping afterwards and made our way to my doctor’s appointment to find that I’m not yet dilated but my “cervix is ripening.”  BAM!  There’s your visual candy for the week.  After the appointment, the Good Doc made up some vague story about needing to pick up a cake order from the Galleria-area for my parents and I went along with it, just to enjoy the uninterrupted time in the car.  Imagine my surprise when he turned into the Houstonanian parking lot.  And again when he walked me up to the spa and checked me in for a pedicure and a prenatal massage.  And again when he told me we’d be spending the night at the hotel for a little babymoon!  I admit, missing Genghis didn’t occur to me until about halfway through the evening.  The next morning, we ordered waffles, omelets, and coffee for room service before taking Genghis to the zoo.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed my husband these last few months until we spent real quality time together, just laughing and talking and not breathing a single word about bills, house contracts, to-do lists, or work schedules.

As if that were not enough, my office threw me and my colleague (who’s expecting #4 on Valentine’s day!) a surprise baby shower.  My colleague, Justin, was actually in on the planning and made up a bogus meeting with an alumnus.  I get annoyed when I’m stood up, and so I was a little annoyed.  When we got back to the office, my student workers put on an impressive show to get me to go to the back room and – SURPRISE! – Chuy’s jalapeno dip, Crave cupcakes, streamers, balloons, flowers, my colleagues, and both of our spouses and kids.

Finally, after three amazing and thoughtful events that forced me to celebrate me and this baby, I finally feel emotionally ready for this baby.  What’s even better is that I feel fortunate to bring Hoo Two into the world to be loved by these incredible people in my life.


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