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August 7, 2011

I mentioned a few posts ago that we were pretty busy these days.  That’s to put it mildly.  People say they are busy all the time.  But us…what we’re doing is creating the perfect storm and going straight in with every optimism that it’ll be the best time ever.   I’m not sure how it happened.  Both ships just started sailing and we went with it.

So, here’s what’s going on.  You know I’m incubating Hoo Two, due mid-October.  We’re also building a house.  Construction due to begin sometime around the same time Hoo Two makes an appearance into the world.  Oh, did I mention we’re building on the same lot we’re currently living?  That means we’re moving in the next few weeks…to my parents’ house.  Until the house is done in about a year’s time.

During the last two weeks, we’ve signed contracts, decided on kitchen cabinets and closet configurations, discussed 1-year storage options, created a child-proofing plan for my parents’ house, gone to doctors’ appointments, planned Genghis’ birthday party, purged our belongings, came to terms over our decision to take down a tree, decided on baby names, met with designers, our architect, and landscapers, and survived our first garage sale.  Work has been ramping up for the both of us and the Good Doctor has been training for the frisbee season while I’m fighting the heat and fatigue.  Whew.  After all that, here’s the biggest lesson we’ve learned after the last few weeks:  garage sale fanatics are crazy.  Seriously people.  CRAZY.  They were circling our house like vultures at 6:45 (we just rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m.).  As we were frantically getting our stuff outside, they were trying to COME INTO OUR HOUSE to check out our wares!  We could have sold the toilet paper off our dispensers and someone would have bought it.  I regret that we didn’t think of it.  By 10 a.m., we had cleared out 98% of what we wanted to sell, and then some, purging what was essentially 50% of our house and completely clearing out the front room.  And it was great!  I don’t know why we never did garage sales in the past.  Our strategy for financing the building of our new house is to pimp our driveway for garage sales because it’s clear we have a FANTASTIC garage sale culture in our hood.

We’ve got more craziness in the next few months before the perfect storm is projected to hit in October.  Here’s a sneak peak because I’m sure you’re all dying to know:  the academic year starts up, which means so will work; Don’s out of pocket for tournaments for two weekends in August; I’m co-hosting a baby shower in Austin one weekend; wedding in the Hill Country another weekend; Kool Kid will be in town in September (weeee!!!!); we’re moving at some point; decisions on decking, A/V, final drawings, bank loans, and first round of finishings; decide on maternity leave, return to work schedule, daycare and other things related to bringing another child into the world.  Oh, and squeeze a baby out of my vagina.  And then we can rest!  Right?  Wait.  What?  Crickets chirping.


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  1. Yeah for architect-ing! But, indeed,a category storm may be headed your way… Take cover in air conditioning and chocolate!

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