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Look Hoo’s Two!

July 31, 2011


Dear Kien,

Today I asked you how old you are.  And you looked at me with your usual serious, thoughtful face, paused for a second, and said, “Two old.”  It was funny because it’s true.  You are too old.  Just like that, you’re two.  TWO old and TOO old.  And before I know it, you’ll be thirteen and your voice will be cracking, then you’ll be off to college (or trade school, because college isn’t for everyone.  And it’s expensive).  And when I ask you how old you are again, you’ll be cynical and bitter about your taxes and how my generation screwed your generation with the debt ceiling and global warming.  It was all I could do to envelope you into me and will time to stop for a few more seconds so I can savor the waning moments of you being my baby instead of my little boy.

You are an intense little fellow.  Your tantrums are intense, your needs and wants are intense, your moments of independence and dependence are intense.  But so are your love and your joy.  Recently, you learned to run your hands through my hair – those are tender moments I cherish.  A few months ago you learned how to jump.  In the air.  Both feet in the air.  And the joy on your face was infectious at this new discovery.  Just the other day, you got three other kids to jump around like a little circus troupe because they wanted to join in on your fun.

I think your dad and I are in for a wild ride through your childhood.  You’re fearless.  The other day you tried to pull your Ladybug scooter up the couch so you could jump off of the couch while riding on your Ladybug.  It’s just a matter of time when it’s a skateboard and a rooftop instead of a sit-scooter and a couch.  We love that fearlessness in you even if it makes us crap our pants every now and then.   We often look for clues about your personalty – like whether you’re an introvert or extrovert.  You’re animated with those you know well, but in big groups, you like to do your own thing.  Just today, we had a rockin’ party at the splash pad, complete with fine ladies your own age and adults who wanted to dote on you.  We looked around for you and found you sitting with your grandpa in the grass hanging out with the local duck.  I know, the ladies can be intimidating.  We’ll work on it.

You’re not a cuddler by nature simply because you’re too squirmy – always on the move.  But you are generous with your hugs and your kisses.  Every day is a little mini-adventure with you as we watch what trouble you’re getting into and what you’re discovering on your own.  Some days are rough because I think the world can’t keep up with you – or perhaps it’s just me and I’d rather blame it on the world.  Especially days when you wake up and greet me by repeatedly spiking your blanket and yelling, “HOT MILK!!!!!”  However, you manage to sprinkle each day with sweet giggles, tender hugs, and loving kisses.  I can’t wait to watch how you’ll conquer the world.  But bare with me as I steal moments to stop time because you’ll always be my baby.

Happy birthday.  You’re two old today.


  1. precious reflection … congratz, G-Ju …

  2. So thoughtful and sweet- he is such a joy!

  3. Mac permalink

    Finally getting a chance to catch up! There is so much of Don in the first picture! Enjoy every minute…the next one will be turning two before you know it! 🙂

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