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Travel Bug

July 10, 2011

Every June I spend a chunk of time traveling for work.  This year, I extended my annual NYC trip through the weekend.  The Good Doctor and Fly Boy flew out to meet me there and we proceeded to eat our way through the city.

Here are some notable bits and bites we had in the 4.5 days we were there:

–  Pastrami Reuben at Katz’s.  The Good Doctor mentioned the pastrami was so tender that you don’t need teeth to eat it.  And I think it’s still haunting the dreams of my colleague, Justin.
–  Hibiscus and Plain Glazed doughnuts from Dough at the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Best doughnuts I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had a lot of doughnuts.
  Also from the Flea Market:  Red Hook lobster roll, bratwurst from Brooklyn Bangers, a mango/watermelon agua fresca and a rhubarb thai basil soda from Brooklyn Soda Co.
–  Joe’s pizza.  Every time.

–  Pop Bar peach gelato.  Did I mention it’s on a stick?  FYE, I love food on sticks and in pockets or pouches.
–  Sfogliatella from Ferrera.  Still can’t pronounce it.
–  Breakfast taco with chorizo, cactus and Oaxaca cheese from La Esquina.
–  Pizza from Lombardi’s.  I prefer Joe’s.  Haven’t tried Grimaldi’s – can’t stomach the line.
–  Pork buns and ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar.  I thought I was over pork belly, but now I’m under again.  Those buns were amazing.

–  Pretzel/toffee popcorn cookie and lava cake at Chickalicious.   Chef recommend.
–  Roasted corn at Cafe Habana
–  Prix fix brunch at Telepan.  Touted as one of the best brunches in NYC by somebody who thinks they know something.  Too bad it was our most unmemorable meal of the trip.  I would have preferred breakfast at a greasy diner.
–  Soup dumplings and scallion pancakes at Asian Shanghai Manor.  Scallion pancakes were the best I remember having, but I prefer the soup dumplings at Joe Shanghai’s.  But compared to what we have in Houston, a win-win.
–  Egg custard tarts at some secret hole in the wall Chinatown joint Fly Boy took us to.  Never had tapioca custard tart, but I’ll do it again.
–  Shake Shack.  Twice.  Once for the Shack Stack, but I’m a purist and prefer the tried and true Shack Burger.  Skipped the fries, got the vanilla custard with chocolate toffee chips.  Rinse, repeat.
–  Pesce crudo trio and seafood salad at Eataly’s Il Pesce.  It was chaos there, but I enjoyed the energy as we snuggled up to the seafood bar for a little treat.

–  Passion fruit popsicle with chili lime sprinkles from a cart on the High Line.  Good job on the High Line, NYC.  I tip my hat to you.

–  Penne a la vodka from Fly Boy’s secret place.  It only had  three tables and we were able to snag one to enjoy their delectable penne a la vodka dish that tasted of pure comfort.
–   Sheep’s milk ricotta with truffled honey and orange burnt toast at Locanda Verde.  A little fruit salad, cappuccino and peak-a-boo view of the Hudson made for a lovely breakfast on my first work-free day in NYC.

–  Hand-pulled bagels from a random place in Brooklyn (I think it was on Lafayette).  Made me sad that we don’t have bagels like this in Houston.

Besides eating, the Good Doctor took some time to enjoy taking “pregnancy shots” of me throughout the city.  I was a little unwilling at first just because I’m the one typically behind the lens, and, like I mentioned before, this one ain’t gonna be pretty.  This is a departure from our approach with the first pregnancy when we were doing belly shots every two weeks and an artsy fartsy shoot into my eighth month.  As awkward as it felt, standing in front of something New York or other, I’m glad he pushed me to do it so we can have proud record of the little alien that’s growing inside me.


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  1. those pork buns look monstrous..and delicious! nice shots, guys.

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