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Seventh Inning Stretch

March 13, 2011

Seven years ago today, I married the Good Doctor.  According to him, it feels like it’s been 20 years.  I’m pretty sure that’s because we were engaged for three years and dated for five years prior to that.  That must be the reason it seems like a lifetime.  Right?

After that first summer together, I think we both knew deep, deep, way deep down inside that we were in it for the long haul.  But we took our sweet time getting married and I’m glad we did.  We got to be young and silly, adventurous and independent.  And in love.  Despite being long-distance for almost a decade of our relationship, we’ve managed to fit into each other lives like butter on buttered bread.  If there’s one thing to say about the Good Doctor, without sounding cheesy, it’s this:  He’s a keeper.

To celebrate this year, we went to Vargo’s for Sunday brunch.  Vargo’s is also where we had our wedding ceremony, on a drizzly, cloudy afternoon seven years ago.  The azalea’s were in full bloom and the sun came out just as I began walking down the aisle.  The peacocks shouted their approvals when we recited our vows.  It made me giddy inside when we walked through the gardens with Kien to relive that day.  I think I made out pretty good on this deal.



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  1. Tran permalink

    Congratulations, my friends. It’s been good for the rest of us who know you also! All three of you are keepers. All my love!

  2. CONGRATS! Oh how I wish I was your wedding photographer : )

  3. Bizarley permalink

    Wow…. truthfully seems longer than that. I remember sitting in your old Acura at Rice like in 1999, and you freaking out about how you were convinced your mom and DT had gone ring shopping behind your back. “It was just supposed to be a fling!” 🙂 Best. Fling. Ever.

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