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Harvesting the winter crop

February 20, 2011

We’ve had glorious weather this past week (after the apocalypse hit in the form of a torrential winter storm that brought zero snow, a bit of ice and a heavy dose of over-reaction).  When the weather is cool and crisp, my thumb starts turning a slight shade of green and I get inspired to do some gardening.  We all know how gardening has worked for me in the past. So this weekend, I set my expectations a bit lower and concentrated on simply disposing the carnage of death in my flower beds.    My goal was to tame the piles of dead leaves and turn the soil.

He looks busy, but TRUST ME, it’s all smoke and mirrors.


With my trusty assistant doing absolutely nothing but hinder my productivity, I went to town with the pitch fork and shovel.  I slowly discovered that Wasabi had quite a busy winter.  I kept digging up all sorts of treasure he had buried in the last few months.  He looked both guilty and indignant with every item I dug up and waved in his face.

Pictured from bottom to top: 1 medium binder clip, 1 half eaten bag of Gold Fish crackers, 1 unopened bag of coffee candies, 1 unopened bag of Orville Redenbacher microwavable popcorn (butter flavor), 2 pairs of black Nike socks, 1 crescent roll in a ziplock bag, and 1 guilty (or is he proud?) dog. Not pictured: 3 whole avocados (various stages of decomposition), 1.5 pairs of Smartwool socks, Genghis’ stuffed bunny and a snack-size Three Musketeers candy bar.


A cry for help or an annoying/endearing quirk?  Regardless, if Genghis ever goes missing, we’ll know where to look first.  Or we’ll just wait for him to sprout in the spring.


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  1. I love how in that photo Wasabi looks SO proud. As if here were saying “Look what I did.”

  2. damy permalink


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