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Exhale…sort of.

January 25, 2011

And just like that, one-twelfth of 2011 is just about over.  I haven’t blogged in so long I almost forgot my password for wordpress.  What happened to December and January?  I’m so behind on keeping up with my own life that I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s see…

  • We had a parade of visitors come through during the holidays that kept us entertaining and entertained.
  • Genghis was on-again-off-again sick for nearly two and half months straight.  Poor guy lost all his pudge.  He’s working hard to gain it all back though, but I fear his full-body tantrums are burning off precious calories.
  • We recovered most of our data from our crashed hard-drive (thanks for nothing, Apple) but all 40,000 pictures (what can I say, I’ve got an itchy trigger finger and we had our first kid – a deadly megabyte burning combination) are jumbled in hundreds of random files.  It is an OCD organizer’s worst nightmare.  Good thing I’m neither one of those and the Good Doctor is.  So my aspirations of (finally) posting about our Prague/Mallorca trip last summer will be put on hold.  At least this time it’s not my fault.
  • Christmas has new meaning when you share it with a child.  It’s made me rediscover the warmth and joy of the season.  We didn’t really get Genghis anything for Christmas besides twinkly lights, good food and lots of spontaneous dancing.  But, boy oh boy, did he clean up at the family celebration at ReRe’s.  It has confirmed for us that we really don’t ever need to buy him presents as long as his grandparents, aunts and uncles are around.  I’m dreading the day when he can actually converse with his friends and they’ll be all, “What did your parents get you for Christmas?”  And Genghis will reply, “Duh, Stupid.  Parents aren’t supposed to get you anything for Christmas.  They gave you life.  Relatives give you presents.”  And then his world will crumble around him.
  • New Year’s came and went and I don’t even remember if we made it to midnight.  I am sure, however, that I was in my pajamas by 7pm.  Genghis rang in the new year with a 103 fever.
  • We just came back from a glorious weekend in Estes Park with some dear college friends.  That trip deserves its own separate post.  Let’s just say it was controlled chaos disguised as a lazy vacation weekend.
  • I did the dishes today.

Perhaps a few pictures provide some better highlights of the last few months.  Happy New Year everyone.  Uh, and happy February.

Very busy at the Children's Museum


Sunset on our hill with Team Acosta

Bubbles and books - a good combination for shock and awe.

Best. Babysitters. Ever.

Christmas Day at ReRe's.

Frolicking in the leaves (i.e. negligent on yard work)

Happy Holidays!


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