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You Get What You Deserve

November 5, 2010

Despite my best efforts, I found myself competing in the ultimate frisbee club series again this year.  It was hard to turn down.

Team name:  Dirty Birds.
Team M.O.: compete at the highest level but not practice a stinkin’ lick.

So, essentially, we were a bunch of self-entitled, wily veteran dirtbags who have mostly competed at the elite level for years.  The Good Doctor, on the other hand, played with the team he competed with in Prague for the World Championships and he trained 5-6 days a week leading up to Nationals.  They breezed through Regionals to get a top seed going into the National Championships.  At southern Regionals, Dirty Birds fought it out like scrappy junkyard dogs and managed to squeeze out the third and final spot for Nationals.  It was everything we didn’t work hard for and we got what we didn’t deserve.  And it was so much fun.  So off to Sarasota we went – the Good Doctor with his mature, civilized, hard-working, disciplined Surly team and me with my bag-o-filth.  After three days of competition, we held seed (ahem, 15th).

The Good Doctor, on the other hand,  WON THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!  I’m so proud of my guy.  He’s played for 20-something years, gotten close a number of times, and finally got his medal.  In all the years he’s been competing, he has never veered from playing with heart, integrity and generosity.  He makes everyone play better around him and this was everything he worked hard for and he deserves it.

Here are some pictures to contrast our two teams.


Dirty Birds:

Surly, hugging it out:

Dirty Birds, airing our grievances:

Gold Medalist:

Filth Bags:

National Champs:

NOT national champions:

Eh, we really didn’t deserve it anyway.  Besides, hanging out with these fools made it all worthwhile.  Ka-Kawwww!

  1. Huge Bird permalink

    Yes, yes, and YES! Way to go, Don. Trim those feathers, Birdies. You know what I mean.

    • Huge – what about getting the birds to fly in for Fools Fest? plant a seed!

      • Hugh permalink

        Good idea, SLG…. I’ll start planting seeds.

  2. wow! that team is a bunch of dirt bags and also some of my fave peeps – what does that say about me?

    amen about DT! I’ve always been a huge fan!

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