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When animals go wild

October 21, 2010

Last week, Genghis’ daycare teacher called the Good Doctor to inform him of, ahem, a situation they were having with Genghis.  They…how do I put this delicately…they FOUND A TICK ON HIM.  A tick.

In other words, they found THIS

on THIS:

It didn’t seem to bother Genghis at all (because he’s strong like bull) but it sure did bother me.

Can you imagine what the teachers thought about how we raise our child?  With wolves, weeds and mudpits?  I mean, even after several days I’m still getting questions from random teachers in OTHER CLASSROOMS about the tick.  I respond with a nonchalant chuckle, “Oh, that child.  He’s always getting into something.”  And then, before they can respond, I hastily add, “We bath him every day.  And we have a dog.  And have I mentioned how smart he is?  Yes.  He’s very smart.”

Right.  You’re judging me.  I can feel it.

  1. haha judy – i know you are joking but seriously don’t worry about it. these things happen with everyone! I am dreading the first lice situation that i figure is bound to happen at some point….. i think i’d rather have a tick! oh, and did i mention how we sent felix to school with a regular egg thinking it was a hardboiled egg? yeah, real cool. as if those poor pre-school teachers don’t have enough on their hands with a vocal, potty training, gringo kid?! mortified.

  2. Jennifer permalink

    Yeah…about that playdate…um, just kidding! It was only one tick, right? It wasn’t like he had a family or anything. You’re doing a great job. Blame it on Wasabi.

  3. pnut permalink

    got back from our dc trip with iMac having a nice case of lice. that was an experience. from talking the wife off the ledge of shaving his head to a week of nit picking.

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