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Christmas came early

October 18, 2010

Flyboy sent me an NPR article about the first nationwide McRib roll-out in sixteen years.   The subject of his email:  You’re not the only one.

And to that, I responded:  brown-chicken-brrrrown-coooow! And I turned my head to the gods and yelled an emphatic YES!

Save the date : November 2nd for McDonald’s nationwide roll-out of the McRib.  It’s game time.

It’s true.  I am a fan of the McRib.  I’ve signed the petition and everything.  Strange, since I think I’ve only been to McDonald’s less than five times in the last year and a half.  Many are disgusted surprised when they discover my love for the McRib, especially since I used to write restaurant reviews for the Houstonist (may it rest in peace).  Amidst my reviews of some of Houston’s best food, I wrote an article about the McRib.

In celebration, I’m reposting the Houstonist article here:

It’s Baaaa-aaack!

120507_mcrib.jpgWe’re talkin’ about the McRib, ya’ll. That’s right. We said “McRib.” Say it loud, say it proud: we heart the McRib. Let us preface this post by saying that we rarely ever find ourselves at the MickeyD’s, especially in a town that offers us so many quick, good fast food of the non-world-domination variety. However, being a sucker for processed-meat (sausage, hot dogs, spam…), we have a special place in our heart for the McRib. And MickyD’s, those bastards, toy with us by taking it off the menu, then putting it back on, then telling us it’s the “third and final McRib farewell tour”, forcing us to sign their online petition and making all our friends sign it to bring back the McRib…and now here it is again. *sigh* And all is right in our world.

The McRib – it’s soft buns with the cornmeal dusting (or is that cardboard shavings?) protecting that perfect patty of a mystery meat, thoughtfully shaped to look like fake ribs, then drowned in a pool of overly sweet bbq sauce. A half-assed scattering of chopped onions and a slice of pickle (two, if you’re lucky) round out the perfect guilty indulgence. Who knows how much longer it’ll be on the menu, but there are four meals to every day so….

Look. Don’t judge. Yea, we know you’re judging us. We understand that we could lose some credibility as a food critic for loving a piece of meat that is manufactured to look like it has fake bones. But we all have our secret indulgences. We’re sure many of you out there are scurred to try theMcRib (as you should be).  Or, perhaps you did try it and you don’t want to admit you liked it. Don’t hate it because you ate it. Embrace it.

Ahh the McRib. Christmas came early this year.



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