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Bacon Explosion: It’s The Bomb

September 11, 2010

We went to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend to visit the Walsdillos and compete in my first frisbee tournament since Nationals 2008.  Holy hell.  I’m sure when I delivered Genghis and the placenta my frisbee skills came out with it.  Of course, the fact that I haven’t really worked out in this decade had nothing to do with it.  While I labored on the field, the Good Doctor leisured with Genghis.  I use the term “leisure” loosely, because it actually took a great deal of coordination between Genghis’ nap schedule, Pablito’s nap schedule and the Walsdillos’ breakfast bun schedule.  Among a number of highlights, we experienced two milestones:

1)  Genghis stood up all on his own.

2)  Bacon Explosion.

Yes, yes we did enjoy our flight. And yes, mom, this little sleeping nook is totally legit.

A rare sighting of the elusive Walsdillo lovenerds in Golden Gate Park.

Bacon Explosion: Note that it is, indeed, swimming in its own grease.

Alfie is living the dream.

Kool Kid’s trip to the butcher for Bacon Explosion went something like this:

KK:  I’d like four pounds of that there bacon, please.

Butcher:  Whoa.  Are you serious?

KK:  Yes, four pounds.

Butcher:  Wow.  You know, we have three pound packages over there.

KK:  Uh-uh.  I KNOW YOU DI-INT! Now I’ll take FIVE POUNDS!

Or something like that.  So the Bacon Explosion starts with a fancy layer of uncooked bacon weave, a sprinkle of bbq rub, a layer of sausage, a layer of cooked bacon crumbles, a healthy drizzle of bbq sauce, and then all rolled up into a fat pork doobie.  The Walsdillos cooked it low and slow in it’s own rendered fat for three hours.  It came out of the oven just as Alfie, lover of all things bacon, arrived.  We couldn’t get it sliced fast enough.  The log-o-pork was salty, succulent, sweet and spicy.  It was better than (gasp) that time the Aussie made us bacon wrapped bacon.  I may or may not have had 2.5 helpings.  It’s possible that I shortened my life expectancy by six months.  No regrets.  The Bacon Explosion was the bomb.

Oh yea.  Did I mention Genghis stood up on his own?  He’s working on sticking the landing.


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