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Better to Have Lovey…

May 2, 2010

Around five months old, Busta was still waking up at 5am and not going back to sleep unless we rocked him.  Then he’d sleep til six.  I’m well aware that a five-month old who sleeps from 7pm to 5am is a blessing, but it had been 4.5 months of sleepless nights…and I’m not a morning person.  Donkey and friends will tell you that if you wake me up abruptly, I’m bound to be grumpy for the next hour.  Grumpy is not the way I want to wake up to my precious bundle of squish.  Apparently it’s genetic because Busta usually wakes up grumpy too.

In my desperation to squeeze another hour of sleep so I can wake up dancing and twirling to my baby in the morning, I emailed my Frisbee mamas’ group.  This group has been a lifeline for me.  There is nothing like getting sound, real advice from strong, independent, working mothers who give it to you straight, don’t judge you and then tell you that you’re doing a great job and it’s not your fault.  No matter what the question.

So the question this time:  How do I get Busta to sleep through his 5am wake?  LP wrote back right away and surmised that Busta was waking up like most babies do, but hasn’t learned how to sooth himself back to sleep yet.  She suggested that I get him attached to a Lovey.

My response:  What is a lovey and how do I attach it to him?  And I’m not above duct tape.

For first-time moms like me, or for those who are generally clueless about babies in general, a lovey is a small toy or blanket that a baby attaches to and finds comfort in when they need soothing.  LP suggested we find something small so it’s portable.  Well, sounds like a simple solution – so we promptly gave him Uncle Quoz’s gift (a lovey – we just didn’t know what it was called at the time) and started shoving it into Busta’s arms whenever we were giving him a bottle or nursing him.  Then we’d put him in his crib and he’d roll around until he got comfortable and fell asleep.  A week later, he was sleeping through the 5am wake.  The lovey worked!  The problem?  He didn’t attach to Uncle’ Quoz’s lovey.  He attached to this instead:

Busta's usual sleeping position: butt up in the air with at least one arm clutching his lovey and his face pressed up against it.


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  1. gotta say, you’re killing this blogging thing. in a good way. is this the same woman who feared she would have nothing to write about?

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