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25 things you didn’t know about Wasabi

April 30, 2010

1. He has a sweet tooth. Big time. He chooses sweets over bacon. WHO DOES THAT?
2. His paws smell like corn chips.
3. His bottom teeth are crooked and the Good Doctor always tells him he needs braces.
4. He doesn’t know how to give tender kisses, just full on bitch-slaps with his tongue.
5. His favorite toy is a miniature rubber ducky.
6. He doesn’t know how to jump into a body of water so he always gets beat to the ball when there are other jumping dogs around.

7. He manages to take up to 3/4 of a king size bed when he’s only as big as 1/6 of it.
8. His super power is counter-surfing. He once took Uncle JB‘s grandmawmaw’s 3lb rum cake off the table, through the doggy door and to the back lawn without dropping a crumb.
9. His favorite items to bury are our socks, Busta’s toys, and various food items off our kitchen counters.
10. He peaces out before 9pm every night.
11. He only fetches baseballs.
12. I think he barks after squirrels because he thinks he should and not because he actually wants to.
13. A pack of dogs once attacked him and he’s had a complex around big dogs ever since.
14. When he knows he’s in trouble, or when he wants to pout, he hides in our closet behind the Good Doctor’s dress shirts.
15. He drools. A lot. Like puddles. But only when we’re eating something he really wants. Usually something sweet. I used to be grossed out by his drooling. But then Busta started out-drooling him by gallons and now I don’t mind it anymore.
16. We almost named him Meatball. Or Frodo. Or Genius.
17. We picked him out of a litter of ten because he fell asleep in the food bowl.
18. He’s not afraid of cars, and that makes me nervous.
19. If you loop the leash under his armpit, he doesn’t pull as much.
20. I think our neighbors hate us because we never put him on a leash when we’re in the yard.
21. You can usually tell what he wants even if he doesn’t use his words.
22. He spoons.  
23. During shedding season, it’s not unusual to see it rain fur.
24. He tolerates Busta. More so now that Busta is eating solid foods, and 30% of it ends up on the floor.
25. There’s a chance that Busta might be allergic to Wasabi and I will be faced with Sophie’s Choice. And it will be traumatic. Like, The Hills level of drama. And it won’t be pretty


  1. Let me just say that I have a fenced in 1/4 acre and a built-in doggie door at Flying Pig Ranch.

  2. wasabi is one crazy mutha. choosing sweets over bacon is just crazy. forgot the tag for heidi montag or, at the very least, the hills. you know this is the first of many hills references. it ain’t dunzo yet.

  3. DT (the other one) permalink

    what I want to know, is that his real hair color?!?!

  4. slg permalink

    felix and i have been cracking up at wasabi’s wig pic. he makes me show it to him over and over.

  5. The Truck permalink

    I knew about #6! But #17 is my favorite! Yeah Wasabi!

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